Interactive Process Center of Expertise

The Interactive Process Center of Expertise (IPCOE) supports employees with disabilities, their managers, and HR Partners to determine and implement reasonable accommodations in the workplace.

We use an interactive process to assess and develop reasonable accommodations that enable employees with disabilities to perform their essential job functions.

Our services

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Employee accommodations

For staff, faculty, and student employees.

Disability Accommodations policy


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Student accommodations

Handled through the Office of Student Accessibility Services.

Office of Student Accessibility Services


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Unpaid accommodated medical leave

Request unpaid accommodated medical leave or return to work accommodations following a medical leave.

Unpaid Accommodated Leave policy


What else does IPCOE do?


We consult with partners across the university on disability-related matters, including the intersection of disability with performance, threat, workers’ compensation, well-being, medical leaves of absence, and undue hardship.

Training for HR

We provide training and education for HR Partners and supervisors in order to recognize accommodation requests and what to do once a request is received.

Leaves of absence

We work in partnership with the Leave of Absence Center of Expertise on return-to-work accommodations and non-statutory, accommodated medical leaves.

Disability-related absence

We provide training, consultation, information, and appropriate referrals for disability-related issues.

Medical leave reviews

We lead the Medical Leave Review Board to determine when a staff employee’s medical leave is an undue hardship on the employee’s department.

Return to work

We work in partnership with the Benefits Administration Office on return-to-work accommodations for those with work-related injuries.

What is the “interactive process”?

The “interactive process” refers to the means by which employers and employees work together to come up with reasonable accommodations, effectively enabling employees with  disabilities to perform their essential job functions.  

IPCOE provides individualized assessment for each accommodation request from an employee with a disability. During the interactive process, the university’s Disability Accommodation Coordinator regularly: 

  • Gathers and assesses the employee’s essential job functions.
  • Consults with the employee to understand the functional limitations, how an accommodation could enable the employee’s performance, identify potential accommodations, and consider the employee’s preferences. 
  • Consults with the employee’s HR Partner and supervisor to learn how the department can support potential accommodations, consider the department’s preferences if potential accommodations would cause undue hardship if implemented, and identify additional accommodation options for the employee. 
  • Analyzes how potential accommodations will enable the employee to perform the essential functions of the position, the reasonableness of the potential accommodation, and if the accommodation would cause undue hardship.
  • Determines and implements the accommodation that is most appropriate for both the employee and the employer.
  • Monitors the effectiveness of the accommodation and reengages with the interactive process if the approved accommodation is ineffective or if the employee’s functional limitations change.

Request a consultation

The Office of Institutional Accessibility collaborates with campus partners to provide education and outreach throughout campus. We would be happy to work with you to design a training to meet your needs or provide a consultation.