Faculty and Staff

USC’s faculty and staff are a driving force behind the creation of a more equitable and inclusive campus environment. The Office of Institutional Accessibility and ADA Compliance is your destination for guidance, resources, and referrals regarding the shared responsibility of ADA compliance.


The university’s Interactive Process Center of Expertise (IPCOE) conducts individualized assessments for qualified employees and works with the individuals and their departments to provide reasonable accommodations.

Request accommodations

USC is committed to providing reasonable accommodations to enable qualified faculty and staff with a disability to perform the essential functions of their position. Faculty, staff, and student employees may connect with IPCOE and make requests for accommodations at any time.

Email: employeeada@usc.edu

Leave of absence and return to work

Qualified faculty and staff with disabilities or medical conditions who may not otherwise be eligible for statutory medical leave may be eligible for leave under USC’s Unpaid Accommodated Medical Leave policy.

Recommended resources

Planning accessible events

Making your event more accessible and inclusive supports a sense of community. In most cases, modifications for creating accessible events are free or low-cost but require early planning. Planning for accessibility from the beginning improves the chances of creating an event that is enjoyable for all participants.

Digital accessibility

Digital accessibility is fundamental to creating a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion. As part of our commitment to digital accessibility, USC continues to make the information, programs, and activities on our websites and digital properties accessible to all.