Internal Resources Accessible Events

  • Trojan Learn Digital Accessibility Series (Requires duo authentication login)
  • Allyant’s Digital Accessibility Trainings
    • Designer Training: This 60 minute virtual training is an in-depth virtual training covering the ins and outs of how to select color pallets, write an attribute, and ensure digital accessibility in a variety of design decisions. Topics will include: Image best practices, funactional images, decorative images, informative images, text within imags, SVGs, color contrast, text contrast, placeholder text, text over images and graphics, WCAG2.1 considerations, form accessibility, dark mode, and if time allows video accessibility.
    • Developer Training. This 60 minute virtual training is an in-depth virtual training on specific types of components. Allyant will work through ideal markup and expected behaviors for Keyboard and Screen Reader uses. Topics will include: What is ARIA?, Screen Reader Only Text, Accordions, Tables & Graphs, Forms, Carousels, Navigation Menus, Semantic HTML, Modals, and if there is time Tabs.
  • Trojan Learn Planning and Hosting ADA Accessible Events (Requires duo authentication login)

External Resources 

Training and Information

Audits and Remediation Services

  • Allyant (Offers Accessible Print Remediation & Production, Digital Accessibility Auditing, and PDF Accessibility Assessment & Remediations)
  • Deque Accessibility Services (Offers Accessibility Audits & Compliance Testing, VPAT, End-to-End Testing, and Training)
  • Braille Works (Offers Document Remediations)