Sign Language Interpreters

Requests for sign language interpreters can be made by contacting an interpreter referral agency. Interpreter requests should be initiated about two weeks in advance of the event date in order to ensure that communication access is available to all attendees. If a request is made just a few days before the event, a good faith effort should be made to secure interpreters.

Note: Each USC department or organization must set up their own customer account in order to book an interpreter. Please contact the interpreter agency to find out more about setting up a customer account, billing information, and interpreter requests. Be sure to have all relevant event information on hand when submitting the interpreter request:

  • Date of event
  • Start/end time
  • Location – address, building, room (or virtual)
  • Type of event and important details
  • On-site contact name and contact information

Typically, interpreters are paid a two-hour minimum per interpreter. For situations that are one and a half hours or longer, two interpreters are typically needed. This is to preserve their mental and physical resources. For large special events, two interpreters might be necessary.

Independent contractors are usually less expensive, however, it is often easier to go through an agency.

Sign Language Interpreters with Contact Information

Vendor Phone Email/Website Notes
Zelda Alpert-Torres  949-412-5188  Independent Contractor 
Amerlia Boik  714-381-6915  Independent Contractor 
Kimberly Diez  818-209-6378  Independent Contractor 
Bob Loparo  513-200-7523  Independent Contractor 
Andrea Lust  626-354-0071  Independent Contractor 
Arlene Narvaez  323-578-3363  Independent Contractor 
Jan Seeley  818-366-7398  Independent Contractor 
Hope Simon  661-803-0253  Independent Contractor 
Sign Language Services, Inc (Leah Ilan) 310-473-3006

Interpreting Agency 

Accommodating Ideas  800-257-1783  Interpreting Agency 
Links Interpreting Services  888-742-0070  Interpreting Agency 
The Sign Language Company  818-782-6002  Interpreting Agency 
Sign Language Interpreters with Contact Information